Introduction to Polydragon
We present the definitely new approach to DeFi yields on Polygon network.
The current DeFi market is dominated by bots, traders, and noncommittal speculators. However, at PolyDragon, we believe the token holders should own all the benefits of the system. That’s why we’ve implemented a unique structure of low fees, dynamic APR, USDC dividend fund, great referral system. These are meant to perpetually increase the value of DGOLD (our farming token and future Dragon Legends game utility token) and reward the active platform participants.
Our goal for PolyDragon is to be the very best! - we are a hard working team of professionals that will deliver technical excellence, following our planned roadmap of features.
Investors - your confidence is a top priority and critical to our success. To that end we will always be transparent and communicative with investors and the community. We welcome constructive feedback or suggestion for improvements.
Partners - if you you represent a company, organization, or project that has an interesting partnership proposal, then please consider us. We are always looking to forge new partnerships, to enable our continued growth and prosperity. Any partnership proposal should be professionally presented and have clear mutual benefits. If you meet this criteria, then please contact us.

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