EVODeFi bridge
Our planned partner EVOdefi offers a bridge to send tokens from the BSC chain, Ethereum, Fantom, Heco and HSC to the Polygon chain, there is a 0.5% fee but the process is very easy and fast. They offer USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH to be bridged to Polygon.
Once you get to the bridge page you need to connect your wallet to the bridge. Press "Unlock wallet" button and proceed to the following window:
Please choose your wallet from the list. Most likely you will connect to Metamask. Congrats! Your wallet is connected! Afterwards you will get to the following window:
Now you are good to enter the amount you wish to bridge. Please remember the minimum amount fot USDT/USDC is 50.
Usually, your recipient address is the same as your sending address. Please be attentive to input your desired wallet address!
Click "send" button after you've input the desired amount. It will be credited to your Polygon wallet in about 2-5 minutes!
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